In these days it takes a long time to express yourself, or sometimes it is very difficult to choose the design. I have made different ready to use designs for about me page. Just place shortcodes in pages and change settings from admin.

Plugin have 10+ templates.

Each template have 6 color schemes.

Default Style

[about-me id=”1″]

Style 1

[about-me id=”2″]

Style 2

[about-me id=”3″]

Style 3

[about-me id=”4″]

Style 4

[about-me id=”5″]

Style 5

[about-me id=”6″]

Style 6

[about-me id=”7″]

Style 7

[about-me id=”8″]

Style 8

[about-me id=”9″]

Style 9

[about-me id=”10″]

Style 10

[about-me id=”11″]